Asset Management

Our asset management service allows both us and our customers to have more control over their air conditioning. Allowing us, over time, to build up a more accessible history. By monitoring assets closely, we are able to optimise our customers’ air conditioning so that it operates as efficiently and effectively as possible, reduce the risk of repeat spending and guide our customers in making the correct financial decisions.  


Customers Include

Schools, Colleges, Academies and Trusts

Regional and National Retailers

NHS and Private Hospitals and Dental Practices

Car Dealerships, Manufacturing Companies

Regional, National and International Hotels


Long-Term Cost Saving Solution….

“We would highly recommend Booth as a long-term cost saving solution and a totally professional and trustworthy operator”

— P.S..

Other Air Conditioning Operators Have Struggled!

“We would highly recommend Booth for the skill and professionalism they display working between the dramatically changing environments within our workplace, something other air conditioning operators have struggled with.”

— L.F..

I’ve Had No Issues Since Booth Took Over!.

“When Booth took over our air conditioning I thought my ‘phone had stopped working. It’s usually ringing off the hook with continuous issues. I’ve had no issues since Booth took over.”

— Group Systems Manager