Professional, caring people who install and look after our customers’ valuable air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation assets


Our Services

Service and Maintenance

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Our service and maintenance packages are extremely beneficial to you as a customer, as poorly maintained air conditioning or ventilation systems can become unhygienic and inefficient due to poor air flows which will increase running cost. Poor maintenance is also the biggest cause of systems to break down which can lead to expensive part replacements such as compressors, fan motors, PCBs or even result in requiring a complete new system

Asset Management

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Our asset management service allows both us and our customers to have more control over their air conditioning. Allowing us, over time, to build up a more accessible history. By monitoring assets closely, we are able to optimise our customers’ air conditioning so that it operates as efficiently and effectively as possible, reduce the risk of repeat spending and guide our customers in making the correct financial decisions.  

Design and Installation

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Our design and installation team take air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation projects from conception to handover. Our commissioning engineers are fully trained and approved by all the major manufacturers. 
- Comfort cooling - Heat pump systems - Close control - Refrigeration - Ventilation - Heat recovery

What Our Customers Say

My role can be extremely challenging at times, and so many people only give feedback when they wish to complain.   I deal with contractors and engineers every day and this is a big part of my role, so to have such helpful and approachable engineers is a refreshing change.  They are always very polite, friendly, exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable.  They are clean and tidy and talk through and offer advice … and we find this very supportive.”

— J.P. (UK National Retailer)


About Us

About Booth

The majority of the senior management team has between 30 and 40 years air conditioning industry experience. This includes designing, installing, maintaining and repairing systems in the UK and across the length and breadth of Europe. We promise you expertise, knowledge and a commitment to excellence in all we do. We are extremely proud to still be working with clients who joined us at the beginning of our journey in 2008. We are delighted clients recommend and thank us for being “highly reliable”, “friendly”, “flexible”, “totally professional”, “exceptionally helpful and knowledgable” and for “finding long-term cost-effective solutions”.

Who we work with

Booth service, maintain and install systems in literally thousands of locations for more than 300 organisations in the north of England. Our clients include, education establishments, hotels, hospitals and healthcare centres, car dealers, retailers, professional services and manufacturing companies.


We have extensive experience of very successfully installing, maintaining and repairing all leading brands of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Booth is extremely proud to have been awarded D1 status by UK market leader Daikin. In achieving this status Booth has been recognised for our professionalism, high standards and volume of sales. With more than 70 years’ experience in precision engineering and innovation, Daikin has built a worldwide reputation for premium quality in integrated climate control solutions for domestic, commercial and industrial projects.

Mitsubishi Electric Partner Program has been constructed to build a link with companies providing air conditioning systems to ensure customers receive the highest level of installation and after sales care. Booth is a one of Mitsubishi Electric’s select partners. As such, we are delighted to adhere to the strict criteria set out to ensure customers’ receive professional advice and service that meets the highest standards.